MP Repro delivers quality digital & offset printing, finishing and binding services on a wide selection of materials for your presentation documents, training manuals, office stationary, promotional materials and other print needs. MP Repro also offers the latest solutions in the binary world of zeros and ones, including scanning and document-management services, digital signage solutions, cloud-based, web-to-print production, document sharing and mark-up tracking solutions. Our expert technicians work with the best-in-class equipment to provide consistent quality and on time-delivery at a competitive price. Our customer service advisors will always strive to offer you the best solution to meet your needs.

MP Repro’s digital printing service is an excellent choice for all short- and medium-runs and provides an excellent quality that is comparable to offset printing. Featuring:
  • High definition printing — 2400 x 2400 dpi
  • Maximum format of 13 x 19 inches [ 12 x 18 inches with bleed ]
  • Thicker cardstocks, up to 17 pts/350 gsm, as well as synthetic papers
  • Spot varnish
  • Variable data printing for personalized documents
MP Repro completes the printing process by providing in-house binding and finishing services as well as delivery services.
MP Repro allows you to develop creative and stunning packaging projects. We can print in very small quantities for unique and individual projects, as well as larger quantities, depending on your needs. We print on a wide choice of materials and apply special effects, like touchable textures and varnishes, and colours and graphics that really pop. The end result, we bring your most creative ideas to life.
MP Repro’s technical expertise and up to date equipment ensures the highest quality standards for the production of documents. All copying services are complemented by an in-house binding and finishing service to provide clients with professional and eyecatching documents. Our services include:
  • Black/White photocopying on a wide choice of materials at sizes up to 12” x 18”
  • Reproduction of large format black/white originals at sizes up to 36” wide x variable lengths
  • Colour photocopying on a wide range of materials at sizes up to 13” x 19”
  • Large format colour copying on a wide range of materials, at sizes up to 80” wide x variable lengths.
  • Binding options such as Cerlox, Spiracoil, Twin Loop (Metal binding) and Perfect binding.
  • Finishing options such as encapsulation (plastification), folding, scoring, perforation, mounting and laminating – for both small and large format reproductions.
MP Repro offers high quality, competitively priced offset printing services for a wide range of products. Our services include:
  • High quality offset printing in four-colour process, at sizes up to 28” x 40”
  • Laminating, embossing, hot stamping and die-cutting services
  • Complete binding services
MP Repro has a unique process to produce custom-printed tab separators for presentations documents. This service is available for both small and large quantities, at an affordable priceand for standard as well as over-sized documents. Tab separators are available on cardstock and synthetic paper and at sizes up to 14" high and variable widths. Tabs can be printed double-sided with full background colour (bleed) and can have variable sizes within the same documents.
MP Repro is fully equipped to produce custom presentation and pocket folders, personalized three-hole binders and exclusive document holders and presentation boxes. These items are available in any colour, size and design and require no minimum quantities.
MP Repro offers a wide range of adhesive materials for all type of labels and stickers and is equipped to laminate and die-cut labels in variable shapes.
We offer the unique EconoCrome and Reprojet printing processes to provide simple, rapid and affordable solutions for reproducing oversize documents and maps. Bring us your large-format originals, even those mounted on rigid boards, and we can reproduce them on a wide range of materials.
Efolio is a secure, cloud-based web-to-print portal developed exclusively for MP Repro. This unique solution can be customised for each organisation, and includes features such as multi-user order placement, print-ready file library, order tracking and history, billing summaries, and enterprise-managed user access.
MP Repro offers high-resolution scanning services of both black & white and colour originals. We scan technical drawings, maps, microfilms, documents, photographs and slides in a variety of file formats that are compatible with imaging software. Our services include:
  • Large-format scanning of originals on paper, cardboard or film
  • Scans of 35mm and 16mm microfilm, small-format documents and slides
  • Hollerith code capture from microfilm aperture cards for transfer into a database file
  • Conversion from raster to vector
  • Indexation and database creation
  • Archival of digital files on CD or other media
  • Cloud-based document management, project collaboration and markup management
  • Archival Certification
Applications include:
  • Transfer of information from archived originals for use in new projects.
  • Long term archival storage of project drawings and documents within document management systems
  • Inclusion of paper originals in cloud-based, project collaboration and document sharing systems
  • Conversion of paper originals into digital format for the reduction or elimination of archival storage space
MP Repro offers the latest in digital signage solutions for all your display needs. We provide high-quality brand electronics and simple-to-use web-based software for accessing, updating and managing promotional images.
MP Repro offers high definition printing and data transfer onto CD and DVD as well as printed inserts and a complete range of jewel cases, boxes and packaging solutions.
MP Repro offers personalised printing services on t-shirts, aprons and mouse pads.
MP Repro supports the latest versions of standard design software and offers graphic design and prepress services
MP presently operates a fleet of 12 vehicles, which provide pick-up and delivery service to our clients in the Montreal area. The territory serviced by our vehicles extends from St-Jerome to St-Bruno and from Vaudreuil to Repentigny.


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