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When permanent identification is essential

METALPHOTO® is a product and process for high-precision, long-lasting signage reproduction, regardless of outdoor or indoor conditions. We produce panel fronts, identification plates, diagrams, exterior plaques, precision scales, wall photos for architectural and museum exhibitions, advertising articles, and much more.
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Silk-screen printing on aluminium
Durable materials for your specific needs

Aluminium is a strong and durable metal that can be used to create high quality and durable pieces.
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Gravopy® and Lamicoid® Engraved Labels
Designed to withstand all types of weather conditions

The marking results will be durable and of high-quality thanks to the Gravoply® and Lamicoid® label engraving process. The Gravoply® and Lamicoid® are made of plastic, available in several colors ready for engraving.
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Laser cutting
Create outstanding high-quality and precision signage

Laser cutting is a technology that gives highly accurate results. If you’re looking to create outstanding signage, engraving or markings on a wide range of materials, laser cutting gives you the opportunity to create exceptional, high-quality, precision pieces.
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Faceplates, overlays and labels fabricated on Lexan®
Durable and resistant - faceplates and labels printed on Lexan are produced according to your custom designs and specifications.

Virtually unbreakable, the Lexan® polycarbonate sheet is one of the most resistant materials on the market. The display panels can be used in hot or cold temperature zones. The Lexan® plate resists harsh weather without ever deforming or breaking. Resistant to high-traffic areas and constant manipulation.
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Vinyl, polyester and plastic labels
Personalized labels that withstand the most demanding industrial environments

Custom vinyl lettering and logos are available in a wide choice of colours. We supply the cut material in position and ready to install.
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Construction site signage
Durable - Resists all weather conditions

We use durable, resistant materials that meet industry standards including temporary large format signage made of aluminium and wood.
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Health and Safety signage
Permanent, custom-made signage available with a wide choice of durable materials

Health and safety signs requires the use of clear and precise colours and symbols.
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Rulers and measurement products
METALPHOTO® process that meets industrial and military standards

When you choose to have rulers, measuring instruments and tools manufactured using the Metalphoto technique, you know your items will be durable.
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COVID-19 Safety Signage
A complete line of COVID-19 safety signage
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Installation services
We offer a turnkey service. Should you require design and printing services, including installation of final produced items. We do everything in our power to satisfy our customers, including any type of installation.
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