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Impression 3D en Polyjet et ABS

3D Printing in Polyjet and ABS

At MP, you’ll enjoy personalized service and quick turn-around. We use a polyjet process to rapidly turn out prototypes of all kinds, from architectural models to industrial prototypes.

3D modeling in high-density foam and wraps

MP Repro can create 3D models in small or large sizes. Our maximum cut size is 60” x 120”, or to the maximum size of the material being used.
Lettrage en découpe 3D

3D cut lettering

MP Repro provides engraving and 3D printing services on plexiglass, PVC, wood, and high-density polyurethane foam (Signfoam). We can also produce presentation bases for 3D models.
Modèles 3D topographiques

3D topographical model

MP Repro provides 3D cutting and sculpture services in order to produce complex topographic models as well as hybrid solutions integrating 3D printed models with 3D cut terrain.
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