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A highly precise technique for quality work

The laser-cutting process is computer-controlled, guaranteeing the accuracy and consistency of every cut. Depending on the material and its thickness, laser cutting involves directing a high-power laser through optics. This machine uses carbon dioxide as the light source, which differentiates it from fiber lasers.

For all your projects!

If you’re looking for precise markings dedicated to identification and branding, our laser cutting and engraving services are the solution. Looking to enhance urban signage with intricate designs? We’ll meet your expectations with unrivaled precision.

Additionally, our services extend to marking various materials, and our state-of-the-art equipment guarantees clear, lasting, and high-quality marks that stand the test of time.


A wide choice of materials to create outstanding pieces

  • Laser type: CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
  • Working area: 32’’ x 20’’ (31.5’’ x 20’’ with JobControl® Vision camera)
  • Max. height of work piece: 11’’
  • Max. cutting thickness: 1/2’’ acrylic
  • Laser systems: High-quality systems for precision work, including a focusable laser beam for detail.
  • Compatible materials for cutting : Acrylic, ABS, laminate (Lamicoid® / Gravoply®), rubber, polystyrene, polycarbonate (Lexan), polyester, PET, polyethylene, wood, paper, leather, fabric, cork.
  • Compatible materials for engraving: Same as above, with the addition of painted metal, stone, glass.
  • Compatible materials for marking: Anodized aluminum, stainless steel, paper, leather, ceramics, and cork

Laser engraving machines engrave precise designs, adding depth and detail by eliminating the surface of the material. The laser marking process produces permanent, high-quality marks.

In summary, whether it’s laser cutting, engraving, or marking, we harness laser technology’s prowess to meet your requirements, ensuring each piece stands out, be it on stainless steel or any other medium.

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