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Features of the SwissQprint large format printer

The SwissQprint printer offers exceptional image resolution. With a resolution of 1350 dpi (dot per inch), the quality of your image will be maintained during high-resolution printing, whether you want to print an image captured by a camera or any other digital medium.

The SwissQprint printer gives you optimum rendering, whether you’re printing on acrylic, wood, metal or fabric. It preserves the quality of your image thanks to its cutting-edge technology, ensuring an impressive end result and exceptional image resolution.

What types of media can swissQprint print on?

The SwissQprint printer is designed for high-resolution printing on almost any type of material. Thanks to its advanced technology and exceptional image resolution, you can achieve stunning, professional results on a wide range of substrates:

  • Acrylic printing
  • Printing on wood
  • Printing on brushed aluminum
  • Printing on aluminum plate
  • Printing on metallized paper
  • Fabric printing
  • Metal printing
  • Printing on Sintra
  • Plastic printing
  • Printing on PVC
  • Printing on Plexiglas (and even photo printing on large-format Plexiglas!)
  • Printing on rigid panels

In short, almost everything!

With SwissQprint, you benefit from unprecedented flexibility to bring your creative and innovative projects to life, while enjoying the quality and precision of high-quality printing.

Flatbed printing on panels
up to 3.2 m X 2 m

Print on roll-to-roll

  • Banner printing up to 10 feet wide
  • Self-adhesive vinyl
  • Precision printing right up to roll ends
  • Many materials including heat sensitive
  • Instant LED drying

Your big projects deserve top-notch definition

  • Impeccable print quality
  • Amazing special effects
  • Highest quality resolution of 1350 dpi
  • Standard colors CMYK + 5 in option
  • Selective varnishes
  • Print on virtually any material

Unique Droptix special effects

Droptix Unique 3D Effect
How Droptix works
Displays, packaging, posters, POS items and interior decoration elements: enhance them with 3D effects and you have guaranteed eye-catchers. droptix adds the third dimension to your creations and allows immense freedom of format and design. Only clear and sharp lenses will do the job. So, the effect requires utmost precision – which our swissQprint machine has built-in to its DNA.

Certified high energy efficiency

In addition to combining high-quality printing, multifunctionality and efficiency, this technological gem uses Greenguard Gold-certified VOC- and NVC-free inks. It produces only a small ecological footprint, minimizing its impact on the environment.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly printing solution, the SwissQprint is an excellent choice. Would you like to do business with an eco-friendly printing company? We’re committed to providing you with green printing solutions with SwissQprint.

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