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Press Release: Launch of Inktronic and Izo Solutions




MP Repro Unveils Plans of the Future

Trusted provider of technical drawing reproductionservices for architects, engineers, urban planners and designers, MP Repro focuses on innovation to help the builders of tomorrow work better.

MP Repro’s President, Carmela Martinez, unveiled two innovative new services specially designed to meet the needs of its clients in the fields of architecture, engineering and construction at the RDV DESIGN conference organized byIndex-Design, Infopresse and  GrafikaNovember 12, 2014.

The first, named Inktronic—winner of the Coup de cœur competition at the 2014 Contech Building Expo in Montreal—is a collaborative mark-up solution that allows users to take notes on and add comments to building plans by using a digital pen, computer, touchscreen or tablet.Markups, regardless of input device or user, are instantly captured, archived, and saved into a secure digital environment.

Once captured, the notes and comments are automatically indexed by author, date and time in a searchable archive complete with an audit trait for ultimate accountability. “Inktronic elminates the need to continually scan, copy, fax, courier, and route documents,” Martinez explains.

It is the perfect bridge between office-based team members and on-site personnel that keeps project drawings up to date at all times and accessible to all, simplifying even the most complicated workflows.
The application has a workflow module that helps speed up the completion of important tasks by sending alerts that quickly and accurately report on the rate of progress while identifying potential bottlenecks.

The second, named Izo, in reference to isometric perspective—a method well known to architects—is an application that can make building plans come to life by transforming line drawings into startlingly realistic 3D depictions of the proposed design that can be viewed from any angle using the mobile device.

Developed in conjunction with Miralupa, a Montreal start-up in the augmented reality space, the application allows prospects to explore the interior as if touring the actual premises, with the possibility of adding different types of flooring options and furniture to give them a real sense of what it would be like to live in the space.

Martinez says, “Izo has the potential to redefine the way residential and commercial real estate projects are designed and commercialized.”

For a demonstration of the app’s full potential, contact an MP Repro Digital Solutions representative.


About MP Repro

A family business founded in 1964 by Gaetano Martinez, MP Repro has been a trusted provider of technical drawing reproduction services for architects, engineers, urban planners and designers for over 50 years. It offers a complete range of value-added services for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to a deep understanding of modern printing technology, all-surface printing capabilities, anytime-anywhere delivery, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, MP Repro is a partner of choice for any printing endeavor, leading the way in a rapidly evolving industry. The company employs 80 people, has its head office in downtown Montreal, and operates three service outlets located in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Pointe-Claire and Laval.



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