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MP Repro Acquires a VUTEK GS2000 LXPRO Large Format Printer

MP Repro has acquired the VUTEK Large Format HD printer, making it possible to print images in eye-popping colours directly on almost any rigid or flexible surface.

According to Carmela Martinez, President, this addition will allow MP Repro to better meet their clients’ creative needs, especially for projects that must be printed on unconventional materials such as wood and aluminium, or to achieve opaque, translucent, or transparent effects on various materials.

“The VUTEK Large Format printer offers eight colours plus white and true grayscale, which enhances printed images in a million ways. This allows us to make our client’s creative vision a more spectacular reality.” Carmela Martinez.

This printer is also more eco-friendly thanks to printing processes and inks that don’t release VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

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