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Digital Solutions

MP Repro offers complete media manufacturing services including print and packaging for CD, DVD and USB production and kidding packaging. What sets us apart, is our ability to print small quantities with our digital printing service.

MP Repro provides a wide choice of digital printing services and offset printing. Our customer service advisors are at your disposal to offer you the best solutions to meet your expectations.

Whether you need to print labels, make photocopies or printing on sweaters in small or large quantities. MP Repro also offers you the printing service directly on CD, DVD, USB sticks, as well as inserts and a wide selection of boxes to let you choose the one that will be best suited to your needs.

In fact, we have the latest printing techniques to print your CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, inserts and boxes. Depending on the pattern or image you want to apply to the media, we can use 4-colour offset printing, when it is a reproduction of photos or complex images. In addition, four-color printing uses the four primary colors: CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW and BLACK. The black color is used to obtain a panel of more than 16 million different colors.

Would you like to use our CD / DVD printing service, inserts and boxes? Repro MP at your disposal a delivery service in the Greater Montreal area and Laval. Receive your order at your home or at your company by placing an order.

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