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An integrated annotation and online plan management solution

MP Repro offers a completely secure environment accessible to everyone for all your projects. Filing documents, sharing information or saving documents, Inktronic – seen as the integrated annotation and online plan management solution. It guarantees complete satisfaction in handling, storing and the confidentiality of your working documents. The Inktronic cloud program makes secure sharing of information among all members of a project simple and quick. From the designers’ office to the field staff by instantly and automatically superimposing annotations on the original plan. In addition, the Inktronic collaborative tagging solution integrates notes taken with a digital pen, from a computer, touch screen and tablet. The digital annotations by Bluebeam Revu are integrated into Inktronic cloud data.

The tags are instantly supported, archived and saved in a digital environment, regardless of the data or the user. As a result, there is no longer any need to scan and route plans by messenger or email in excessively large files, Inktronic automatically files documents in a searchable and secure document archive.

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