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MP REPRO launches its online store!

Montreal, August 5th, 2020 – A complete line of personal protective equipment and safety signage, ready for fast delivery across Canada.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, MP Repro, known for its printing services, made the decision to adapt its technology to participate in the collective efforts of Quebec. A production line was rapidly adapted and dedicated to the manufacturing of face shields, approved by Health Canada. Screens and dividers were quickly added, followed by safety signage. To complete our range of products, we are now distributing a line of reusable masks made with antimicrobial treated fabric.

The majority of the products available online were designed and manufactured at MP Repro’s head office in Ville Saint-Laurent. Easy sourcing guarantees prompt delivery.

Face shields, screens and dividers, safety signage and reusable masks. MP Repro offers a line of protective equipment to ensure a safe environment for you, your staff and your customers.

Protective equipment manufactured locally and delivered rapidly!

“Putting MP Repro on pause was not an option for our business. We had the technology and the expertise to design and manufacture high quality products to protect the population.”

– Carmela Martinez, CEO, MP Repro

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