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New service at MP: LASER CUTTING

Laser cutting, marking and engraving service

Laser type: CO2

Working area: 32’’ x 20’’ (31.5’’ x 20’’ with JobControl® Vision camera)

Max. height of work piece: 11’’

Max. cutting thickness: 1/2’’ acrylic

Compatible materials for cutting: Acrylic, ABS, laminate (Lamicoid/ Gravoply), rubber, polystyrene. polycarbonate (Lexan), polyester, PET, polyethylene, wood, paper, leather, fabric, cork

Compatible materials for engraving: Same as above, plus: painted metal, stone, glass

Compatible materials for marking: Anodized aluminum, stainless steel, paper, leather, ceramics, cork

Full list of material available upon request.



Signage project for the Business Center of BDC at Place Ville Marie

Client: BDC

Conception & design by:  Philippe Bouvry DGA, BOUVRY BRANDING & DESIGN and Julie Margot, Designer

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