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MP Repro, 60 years of history and innovation!

Montreal, May 13, 2024 –

Montreal, May 13, 2024 – MP Repro, an iconic family-owned company in the printing industry, proudly celebrates its 60 years of existence. Since its humble beginnings in 1964, MP Repro has traveled an extraordinary path. It has shaped its own success while having a positive impact on its industrial sector.

MP Repro has evolved over the years, transforming into a respected institution. “We are proud to celebrate this 60th anniversary,” says Carmela Martinez, CEO of MP Repro. “It speaks to the strength and resilience of our family, our dedicated employees, and our valued customers, all of whom have contributed to our continued success. Looking back, we are filled with gratitude for past achievements, and looking forward, we are driven by a renewed passion for innovation and excellence.”

Over the decades, MP Repro remains an industry leader, adapting its business practices to the evolving market while preserving its core values: passion, integrity, and dedication to customer satisfaction, which remain the pillars of our company, guiding every decision we make.


About MP Repro

Since 1964, from generation to generation, MP Repro has built a reputation as an industry leader, providing a comprehensive range of value-added printing solutions to businesses of all sizes. Always at the forefront of an ever-changing industry, MP stands out by offering unparalleled expertise, customized or specialized solutions, state-of-the-art equipment, expertise in printing on all surfaces, a team of sixty professionals dedicated to providing outstanding support, and personalized rapid delivery service. The company has its 35,000 square foot headquarters in Ville Saint-Laurent, as well as a branch in Montreal. 

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