MP Calendrier 2018

MP Repro/Kollectif 2018 Calendar Launch

Press Release

Montréal, November 30, 2017 – MP Repro and Kollectif were pleased to welcome contributing architects of MP Repro/Kollectif 2018 annual calendar to the official launch cocktail of this new creation. Photos of the evening

“Quebec is a fertile ground for creativity. It is thus not a surprise to find an abundance of projects in all four corners of the province that reveal the creative spirit of our architects and designers. For the sixth year in a row, MP Repro and Kollectif are thrilled to present a selection of these projects that showcase the talent of our local creators” Carmela Martinez, CEO of MP Repro.

The evening showcased photos of the twelve projects chosen for the calendar, displayed in large Mega jet format. The architects were then given the photos, as well as a special edition of the 2018 calendar which Kotmo had created for the occasion. This was also an opportunity to launch the “Creativity Pick of the Day” contest, which gives all calendar owners the chance to win a $500 Repro MP credit to put towards their own creative projects.

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