MP Repro offers the latest solutions in the binary world of zeros and ones, including scanning and document-management services, digital signage solutions, cloud-based, web-to-print production, document sharing and mark-up tracking solutions. Our services include developing custom applications, web portals, websites and even augmented reality solutions.

MP Repro offers high-resolution scanning services of both black & white and colour originals. We scan technical drawings, maps, microfilms, documents, photographs and slides in a variety of file formats that are compatible with imaging software. Our services include:
  • Large-format scanning of originals on paper, cardboard or film
  • Scans of 35mm and 16mm microfilm, small-format documents and slides
  • Hollerith code capture from microfilm aperture cards for transfer into a database file
  • Conversion from raster to vector
  • Indexation and database creation
  • Archival of digital files on CD or other media
  • Cloud-based document management, project collaboration and markup management
  • Archival Certification
Applications include:
  • Transfer of information from archived originals for use in new projects.
  • Long term archival storage of project drawings and documents within document management systems
  • Inclusion of paper originals in cloud-based, project collaboration and document sharing systems
  • Conversion of paper originals into digital format for the reduction or elimination of archival storage space
MP Repro offers the latest in digital signage solutions for all your display needs. We provide high-quality brand electronics and simple-to-use web-based software for accessing, updating and managing promotional images.
Inktronic is a collaborative mark-up solution specially developed for the architectural, engineering and construction industries that allows users to take notes and add comments by using a digital pen, computer, touchscreen or tablet. Markups, regardless of input device or user, are instantly captured, archived, and saved into a secure digital environment. Inktronic is the perfect bridge between office-based project team members and on-site personnel that makes project drawings up to date at all times and accessible to all, simplifying even the most complicated workflows.   For more information on Inktronic, please consult our web site at or contact us at 514-861-8541.
Efolio is a secure, cloud-based web-to-print portal developed exclusively for MP Repro. This unique solution can be customised for each organisation, and includes features such as multi-user order placement, print-ready file library, order tracking and history, billing summaries, and enterprise-managed user access.
Drawing from the latest advancements in video game technology and 3D animation, MP Repro’s Izo offers users startlingly realistic 3D depictions of floor plans that can be viewed from any angle using the mobile device of their choice. This ground-breaking technology allows prospects to explore the interior as if touring the actual premises, with the possibility of adding different types of flooring options and furniture to give them a real sense of what it would be like to live in the space. For more information on Izo augmented reality solutions, please consult the web site of our technology partner at or call us at 514-861-8541.


New service at MP: LASER CUTTING

Laser cutting, marking and engraving service Laser type: CO2 Working area: 32’’ x 20’’ (31.5’’ x 20’’ with JobControl® Vision…

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