MP Repro supplies signage and product identification solutions to manufacturing, construction, and design sectors. We use high quality printing methods and offer a wide range of durable materials that meet industry and military standards. We produce labels, panel fronts, name plates, schematics, outdoor signs, precision scales, award plaques and much more. At MP, you are guaranteed on-time delivery of signage products that meet your technical specifications.



Laser cutting is a technology that gives highly accurate results. If you’re looking to create outstanding signage, engraving or marking on a wide range of materials, laser cutting gives you the opportunity to create exceptional pieces of high quality and precision. Read more
Renowned for providing exceptional sharpness and durability, Metalphoto has the added advantage of not fading, peeling or scratching. Images are embedded in an anodized aluminum layer and protected by a sapphire hard surface that resists chemical products, abrasion, chipping, moisture, mould, weathering, as well as extreme temperatures and exposure to sunlight.
Durable and scratch resistant, printed Lexan faceplates and labels are produced and fabricated according to your custom designs and specifications.
Self-adhesive product identification labels are available in a wide choice of materials, supplied in rolls or cut sheets and die-cut to any shape.
Specialized identification labels are custom manufactured on both Metalphoto aluminum and printed synthetic media according to industry regulations.
Precision measurement products are custom manufactured with both Metalphoto and ink-based print methods.
Recognition awards and personalised plaques are available mounted on wood and with a selection of decorative hardware.
Personalized parking passes, vignettes and identification cards are printed on tear-proof materials with security ink to prevent forgeries.
Resistant directional and worksite signage printed directly onto a wide selection of corrugated plastics, PVC and wood.
Durable signage for health and safety regulations produced on a wide choice of materials and in a variety of sizes. We provide custom finishing and installation services.
Custom vinyl lettering and logos are available in a wide choice of colours. We supply the cut material in position and ready to install. Installation services are also available.
Engraving on durable Gravoply and Lamcoid plastic, available infs a wide choice of colours
Cutting and engraving services offered on a wide selection of materials
Unique point of sale signage solutions for retail stores and showrooms printed on a wide selection of innovative materials. We also offer professional, turn-key installation services.
We carry a wide choice of decorative hardware and offer finishing and installation services.


Press Release: MP Repro Thinks Big

A 35,000-square foot expansion, new state-of-the-art equipment and a broader range of services   Montréal, October 15, 2018 – MP…

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