MP Repro offers the most complete range of technical printing and scanning services to companies, individuals and students in the architectural, engineering and construction industries. Our highly-skilled team of technicians work with the best-in-class equipment to provide consistent quality and on time delivery. By working with MP, you will be assured a simple, one-stop solution and a respect for tight deadlines on both small and large orders.



MP Repro offers printing services from CAD files as well as from drawing originals. Drawings can be printed at any scale, in both black & white and colour, on a selection of paper, vellum, film and Duraplans - a tear-proof waterproof paper ideal for outdoor applications. Original drawings are reproduced using our unique Planicopyprinting process. We also provide binding, stapling and folding services as well as various types of plastic sleeves for folded drawings. Our fleet of high quality and high volume printers can produce a total of 1600 linear feet per hour for rapid delivery of even the largest orders.
We offer the unique EconoCrome and Reprojet printing processes to provide simple, rapid and affordable solutions for reproducing your technical drawings and maps in full colour. Bring us your files or your large-format originals, even those mounted on rigid boards, and we can reproduce them on a wide range of materials.
Duroplans is a waterproof and tear-proof material used for outdoor site and project drawings. This material will not tear or crack in extreme cold or heat, can be written on with a ball-point pen or permanent marker, and has a permanent and waterproof image that will not bleed and cannot be erased.
MP Repro is equipped to produce full-scale copies and scans of technical drawings directly from microfilm. We read both 35mm and 16mm microfilm, from rolls, plastic sleeves or aperture cards.
MP Repro has a long-standing experience in printing maps and provides cartographic printing on a wide choice of materials at sizes up to 80” wide by variable lengths. We also provide large format mounting and laminating services on a wide selection of materials.
MP Repro offers high-resolution scanning services of both black & white and colour originals. We scan technical drawings, maps, microfilms, documents, and photographs in a variety of file formats that are compatible with imaging software. Our services include: large-format scanning of originals on paper, cardboard or film, Hollerith code capture from microfilm aperture cards, conversion from raster to vector, file identification, indexation and database creation and cloud-based document sharing and collaboration tools.
We offer archiving and distribution services for your project drawings. Our specialised plans portal provides secure access to add files, manage revisions, and request copies. Once project files are archived, your project partners can order directly from one of our four ideally located branches to obtain copies of your project drawings.
MP Repro introduces the Inktronic cloud-based document sharing solution, specially developed for the architectural, engineering and construction industry. Inktronic supports accelerated information sharing between all project members; from office-based designers to field-based personnel. Additionally, Inktronic’s collaborative markup solution integrates notes made with digital pen, computer, touchscreen, and tablet technology. Markups are instantly captured, archived, and saved into a digital environment regardless of input or user. Inktronic automatically indexes documents into a secure, searchable archive complete with an audit trail for ultimate accountability.
MP Repro provides bond paper, sketch paper, and media for inkjet printers. We offer a wide range of plan room equipment such as plan holders and filing cabinets, as well as items such as digital scales and transport tubes.
Send us your files through our client portal or directly to our print server usingReprodesk, a specialized automated files transfer application. When ordering copies from originals, you can use our PDF order form or our preprinted order formsand call us for a pickup.
Our drivers and foot-messengers provide rapid pickup and delivery services to your office as well as to your project partners located anywhere in the metropolitan Montreal area.


New service at MP: LASER CUTTING

Laser cutting, marking and engraving service Laser type: CO2 Working area: 32’’ x 20’’ (31.5’’ x 20’’ with JobControl® Vision…


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