MP Repro leads the way in offering 3D printing and cnc-cutting services for 3D models, Our highly-trained technicians work with the latest technologies to provide innovative and customized 3D solutions to companies and individuals in industrial design, manufacturing, engineering, construction, architecture, healthcare and related fields. At MP, you will benefit from a highly personalised service, rapid production times, and a one-stop solution.

MP Repro offers 3D printing services on powder-based and polymer-based printers. We produce rapid prototypes, architectural models, complex cartographic GIS modeling of terrain relief and topographical models, as well as medical and dental models and industrial casting molds. 3D objects can be produced with or without surface colour and in a choice of raw materials, depending on final use. Maximum print size is 20" x 16" x 8" and larger models are printed in sections.
We provide engraving and 3D cutting services on plexiglass, pvc, wood and high density polyeurathane foam (Signfoam). Our maximum cut size is 60” x 120” or the maximum size of the material used. We can produce presentation bases for 3D models, and hybrid solutions to integrate 3D printed objects into 3D topographies.


Press Release: MP Repro Thinks Big

A 35,000-square foot expansion, new state-of-the-art equipment and a broader range of services   Montréal, October 15, 2018 – MP…

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